Dr. Shefali Tsabary – Clinical Psychologist, Best Selling Author and Oprah’s favorite parenting expert.

Sue is a heart-centered coach working worldwide to create deeper connections, mindfulness, empowerment and self-care. Sue is extremely gifted, perceptive and results-oriented, allowing her to successfully coach individuals, groups, and corporations worldwide to reach their highest potential.

I have known Sue for many years and watched her grow, thrive and flourish.”  Dr. Shefali: drshefali.com

“I would love to help you to tap into your value, worth and belief; and bring more heart centered success into your life or organization.
Contact me, let’s start with a conversation.” ~ Sue DeCaro

Sue is a JOY to work with!  Her clarity, ability to deeply listen and directness have helped me a lot.  She has a natural ability to cut through all the messiness of challenging experiences and quickly hone with recommendations that bring about tangible results.  Sue also has a very intuitive nature and softness and it feels like I’ve known her for much longer than I have.  I would highly recommend Sue and happy to be a reference if anyone would like to know about my experience with her.

Rick ~ CA

Today marks the last session on Parental Coaching for Sue and me, but certainly not the last time we are working together. I started working with Sue on July 26, 2019, as I was having a hard time on my parental journey. She was there for me to overcome the obstacles that I wasn`t able to see because of my burn out as a mom. She said the one thing children are looking for is the connection not just the correction. That hit my heart at that time and I started to see things in a different way. She leads me not only as an experienced mom but also as a successful businesswoman. I am on my first steps of working again after being a stay at home mom with my 2 children and that’s all thanks to Sue for empowering me. Please reach out to Sue if you need parental help, if you need someone to empower you in your journey as a parent and professional. Thank you, Sue! Love, Dorthi.

Dorthi ~ Greece

Working with Sue has been a professional, yet very personal experience for me. She is one of the most patient and compassionate, heart-centered individuals that I have ever had the pleasure of working with.
I found Sue (or she found me) at a time that I was so very lost. My husband had recently passed away and I was ever-so doubting my ability to parent. Week by week, Sue took the time to listen and hear my struggles. With words spoken straight from her heart, she gently guided me to find the answers within myself. I truly feel that she empowered me as a person and as the mother of two young boys. I feel confident to say that I now empower my children too. Sue was there with me through the tears; she laughed with me through the humorous times in parenting, and was my very own cheering section through my growth. I can honestly say it has been an invaluable experience to work with Sue; a million thanks would not suffice. ❤️

K.M. ~ New Hampshire

Sue was such a pleasure to work with! Her strategies were thoughtful, personalized, and effective. And her calm, soothing demeanor is invaluable to an overwhelmed mom! I appreciate that her advice is from a gentle, collaborative parenting approach, and not your typical sticker chart behavioral approach. I would recommend Sue to anyone who needs some help managing the stress of motherhood and their kids’ behavioral concerns.

J.F. ~ Pennsylvania

Sue presented a session on Mindfulness at our annual retreat for Partners and Managers of Novak Francella LLC. She spoke about being present when at work and paying attention to your surroundings.  She shared techniques to provide calm and reduce stress in the workday just what we needed in tax season! 

She has great ideas to share!

K. J. – PA

Sue is much more than a passionate and warm-hearted coach: in her, I see my guardian angel. That’s how she arrived in my life and, as angels do, she showed me the way I needed to go. Now I know that with her gentle and loving support I can always find my way “back home” and thus come to equilibrium. I will never forget how she helped me out of fear and anxiety by simply activating my inner guide in the most beautiful and profound way one can think of.

Her ability to heal, to empower, to encourage you to shine YOUR light is beyond words. All these qualities make Sue an extraordinary mentor that I can only recommend.

F.B – Italy

I reached out to Sue for coaching when I was stuck as to how to move my business in a different direction. Sue is an excellent listener, too what I had to share and gave me action steps to take to move me into the next level of my growth.

I have now ventured into new areas that I was scared to enter and now find myself excited to put myself into new opportunities not afraid to take the risks.


I started working with Sue DeCaro at a time when I was just beginning my spiritual exploration of my approach to parenting – specifically after reading two books by Dr. Shefali Tsabary; Conscious Parenting, and The Awakened Family. Our two children were in high school at the time, and I was uncomfortable with how I approached my relationship with them, and was unsure how to deepen my relationship with either of them. I began meeting with Sue regularly and over that time I learned much about myself, my own parents, my spouse, and my children. Developing a greater understanding of my reaction to what I perceive as my strengths and weaknesses, Sue’s suggestions have inspired me to extend myself to my children in a more selfless, productive way, which I have discovered to be very meaningful. She has also helped me develop a stronger understanding of myself. One thing that I have begun doing at her suggestion is sending encouraging text messages to each of the kids without an expectation of a response from either. At first, only my daughter responded, but in time, my son also began responding positively on his own, which was very surprising.

Over the past few years, with Sue’s help, I have developed a much more meaningful connection with both of my children – and it’s not just my opinion! Both of them have confirmed that – on separate occasions! I really look forward to my appointments with Sue – spending time focused on what’s happening in my spirit, and what I can learn from it, has brought me much happiness and peace as a mother, daughter, wife and woman in general.

Since working with Sue, our son has graduated from college, is working full-time in his desired field, and has a strong connection to me, his father, and our extended family members. Our daughter is a college sophomore, pursuing her degree of choice, with a strong personal direction teeming with self-confidence. My own relationships with my children, my living parent, my siblings, spouse and friends have been significantly and positively impacted by Susan. I am tremendously grateful to her for the coaching and her help, and highly recommend her as a teacher and coach. I have become a much more effective and self-inquisitive person with Sue’s advice, and I look forward to even more impactful realizations!

With the deepest appreciation.

L.B ~ Maryland

Sue is an extraordinary coach. She beautifully combines the knowledge of conscious and positive parenting with practical solutions to empower parents to live their best self and build a strong relationship with their children. I highly recommend her and her work!

A.N ~ California

She (Sue) listened to our concerns – encouraged our efforts – helped us uncover our family goals and gave us solid tools to help us through our challenges….everything she said we immediately put into practice and it worked like a charm. Now when we face issues- we know how to plow through in a way that is compassionate – knowing her suggested approaches have a positive impact on our kid’s confidence and well-being. I can go on and on about how delightful this experience with Sue has been! We finally felt like we had that “parent instruction guide” that we all wished the hospital sent home with! Lol.

Thank you once again Sue- you truly have a gift and I’m so happy our paths crossed.

K.A – Pennsylvania