I help people worldwide to connect to the present moment with intention and purpose.

Through the power of mindfulness, we cultivate a greater sense of peace and presence in our everyday life and work, moment to moment.

Mindfulness for Corporations

Mindfulness is a centuries-old idea that has been reinvented in today’s world to help reduce stress, overcome obstacles and create more space for productivity, creativity and ingenuity.

As a worldwide speaker and trainer, I bring mindfulness to corporations to help master peak levels of stress, sharpen our focus, enable reflection and recharge, unlocking the full potential of the individuals within the corporation.

Interest in mindfulness is a growing phenomenon. Integrating mindfulness in the corporate
world is an amazing gift. By learning techniques, you are creating an environment that fosters both individual and collective reward by emphasizing the importance of learning and engaging in mindfulness on a daily basis.

Mindfulness for Executives

Start with your executives and create a mindful culture. As the leaders of the company, you are the models for all of your employees.

As you practice various techniques on a regular basis, you will see the ripple effects of these wonderful stress reducing behaviors.

Mindfulness for Individuals

Create a mindful world around you in your life by connecting to your inner compass and present moment awareness.

Deepen your practice through individualized education, meeting you where you are and moving you forward in your beautiful customized mindful practice.