Heart-Centered Coaching

This coaching process is designed to help individuals connect deeply to their inner world.

As you learn more about yourself, you will feel more empowered, tapping into your inner wisdom, greatness and infinite potential in this transformational process.

Connecting with our authentic self ~ Finding our passion within.

Entrepreneurial Coaching

Working together will allow you to clarify your passion and path, focus on your mission and learn how to market and believe in yourself using your voice, talents and abilities.

Create a deeper understanding of what your goals are in your work life, what is needed to achieve those
goals and how to bring them to your everyday life.

Working with me, you will learn what it is like to believe in yourself, use your own voice,
and market yourself with value and confidence.

Marketing ~ Belief ~ Value ~ Sales

Relationship Coaching

This coaching process is designed to help individuals and couples come
together to foster deeper connection, move through challenges and conflicts and create a more heart-centered and joyful relationship.

Relationships take effort, nurturing and commitment. In our work together, you will learn effective communication strategies, conflict resolution and how to support one another as you move forward.

Fostering deeper connections ~ Learning more about ourselves in our relationships ~ Honoring the other

Parent Coaching

My mission is to bring more laughter, love and enjoyment to your home life.

I experienced some challenging years raising my children and recognized the need for resources and support. Having successfully navigated almost every challenge imaginable, I offer my coaching expertise as well as compassion, understanding and hope.

Parenting has always been hard work, but is now more challenging than ever as a result of today’s fast-paced, stressed-filled, technology driven society.

You can find all of my Parent Coaching work at www.decaroparentcoaching.com