I had been searching for a different and more meaningful approach to parenting. Thank goodness I found Sue DeCaro.  She opened my eyes and mind to a whole new level of parenting.  My conversations with her just seemed to flow.  Sue has a wonderfully calming presence, and I instantly felt comfortable with her.  She took me on a journey back to my childhood.  That’s when the real healing began.  It was hard.  It was painful.  It was necessary!!  I felt like something inside me had been awakened.  I now am able to see my kids in a light I had been missing out on before.  My kids and I are connecting on a whole new level.  I have Sue to thank for showing me this path.   I have myself to thank for doing the work and continuing this journey every day.  Sue, my friend, you are a game-changer.  I am forever thankful for you.