Dear Reader,

I come to you from a place of peace, gentleness and joy. Sue is good at what she does. I came to her with the deepest intention of being more present for myself and my family. I was at a point in my life where I was desperate for myself, my wife and my daughter. My father-in-law had passed away recently and there was dramatic and dynamic friction in my life. My life – as I knew it – was falling apart.

I did 10 telephonic sessions with Sue.  During the time, I realized and mentally processed my physical reality and experiences (with Sue’s facilitation and the tools she equipped me with). For example, I learnt what it meant to fill the proverbial cup; for me, this meant playing sports, journaling, daily yoga practice and accepting being sad, angry, or depressed by acknowledging the human experience of the grieving process. I also needed to understand what fills my wife’s and daughter’s cups and learn how they are dealing with the grief. That means asking simple questions from a place of calm curiosity; I am still working on that and know there are no quick fixes in life: going inwards is a life-long practice.

Nevertheless, Sue’s coaching was instrumental and timely on my path towards regaining internal homeostasis. In turn, my external world started shifting by becoming more balanced as well. The drama began retracting and hope and positivity were magically surfacing in its place. Now, my life, wife, daughter and family are at a higher level of consciousness; digesting and implementing the homework Sue designed has a lot to do with that.

I am so thankful to Sue from the bottom to the top of my current awareness and beyond. I hope this testimonial nudges you to give Sue just a 30-minute period of your time and see how it goes from there. I have experienced the results of working with her. Here’s to the continuation of filling our cups.

My best,