Business, Organizations & Corporations

As a coach and educator, I have the honor of working with entrepreneurs, business owners and
corporate leaders.

Those who are interested in making changes in order to improve positivity, productivity, mindfulness and consciousness throughout the organization. Together this creates more success in all areas of our lives.

Through my speaking engagements worldwide…

I am able to bring many different topics to life that help to empower the audiences in one way or another.

Each topic is carefully selected to move the audience forward both in the work environment and in their personal lives.

I have presented my work at the following including, but not limited to: corporations, professional communities and groups, financial institutions, schools and educators, religious groups, and women in business empowerment groups.

Here is a sample of topics for some of my previous speaking engagements.

  • Mindfulness for the Corporate world.
  • Self-Care inclusion in everyday life.
  • Conscious Living for everyday life.
  • Connections: Relationships and the art of knowing who you are.

As an individual and group coach…

my work involves direct empowerment, unpacking old
wounds and baggage and creating tools and skills.

Helping each entrepreneur in a group or individual session move forward with positivity, empowerment and confidence.

You can find more information about my Entrepreneurial Coaching Services here.

Those who have worked with me have reported growth in both the business world as well as the personal. Working to increase the focus on our relationships, mindfulness, presence and visibility, help us in all aspects of our lives.