Welcome, I’m Sue DeCaro

As a heart-centered worldwide coach and educator, I am on a mission to empower adults and children to connect with themselves on a deeper level and live their best life.

Those that work with me will learn how to truly tap into their heart, know who they are, live authentically as they bring their values and desires to life. The internal space inside us all is the space we first need to connect with in order to connect with anyone around us.

As a parent of two girls who are beautifully unique and have taken such different paths in life, I have learned so much. Raising children offers us an incredible opportunity to look at ourselves through the behaviors, reactions, and mirrors that our children and loved ones hold up to us; this allows us to see and examine our undeveloped selves. This is where the work and fine-tuning begins. It is a process that never ends because we are all works in progress.

My life has offered me many opportunities to deconstruct my own conditioning from childhood and societal pressures. Throughout the process of deconstruction, I was able to let go of the internalized, family values and create the values, life, and path that pointed me in the direction that I wanted to go. I had to free myself from those past experiences in order to move forward with a blank slate and a clear mind. Deconstruction is a powerful tool in allowing us to let go of what does not suit, serve, or fit us.

My occupational path is a culmination and result of my past experiences and challenges as a mother, along with the personal work I have done on myself.

I work in many capacities worldwide offering individuals, couples, teams and organizations the opportunity to be more conscious, connect with themselves, practice mindfulness, and feel empowered in life. It is time that we all discover and find our true selves and live our best, most connected life.

One of the key ingredients in life is to continuously look within as we look outward. Opportunities for personal growth and enrichment present themselves regularly. The most important part of this process is the awareness that this growth even exists for us and within us.

Reach your fullest potential in life as a parent and as an individual in a way that is filled with meaning, purpose, abundance, heart, and joy.

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Sue has presented at events featuring Dr. Dan Siegel, Dr. Shefali, Neale Donald Walsh, Marianne Williamson, Anita Morgana, Don Miguel Ruiz, and John O’Sullivan as well as radio shows and podcasts and most recently, The Dr. Nandi Show.